Wednesday, 30 March 2011

DRS Baby Yeah?!

So F1 is off again (at last) and now we have new toys like the Drag Reduction System. Is it any good? Well who really knows? There seemed to be two overtakes caused by it and I can't say that either was that dramatic. Oh well, to be expected I guess. It just didn't seem to make enough difference but maybe thats because the straight in Oz just isn't long enough. Hopefully the next race should sort out an answer to that!

In fact the most exciting bit (for me at least) was Jensen's short but dramatic battle with Felipe. Exciting stuff in which the flappy rear wing appeared to play almost no part whatsoever. The comment that 'I was in front before the corner' has to be the best bit though. If you're in front you probably wouldn't chicken out before the next corner.

Early signs are that Red Bull are top of the heap. Hopefully they keep up (or down?) their usual reliability score and it will give us an exciting championship. Fingers crossed anyway!

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