Friday, 15 April 2011

Red Bull Gives You (Flexible?) Wings!

So Red Bull are at it again. Friday Free Practice is already starting to get tedious (Luckily the races so far are not!) Vettel fastest, chased hard by the plucky Brits, while Webber fumbles around doing whatever it is he gets up to until he realises there is a race on.

MacLaren don't seem to be any closer to Red Bull than they did last time out despite a few car tweaks. But the pressure of qualifying always seems to close the gap a bit so we should be in for a close one again. Whatever Red Bull are doing with that (allegedly) flexible front wing/nose is working a treat and still no-one else seems to be able to figure it out.

Further back Alonso again showed that he thinks other people are only put into the world to annoy him. Karthikayan was carved up for daring to occupy a space obviously reserved for Fernando. The needlessly aggressive move didn't seem to improve his lap times much. He ended up 14th, just over 2 seconds off the pace. Ferrari are playing down their chances, as if they needed to, and reminding everyone that they haven't really got anything new yet to make them go faster

Other than that the story remains fairly muddy, much like the skies above the circuit. Mercedes are faster than Renault for a change, but I don't expect that will last into Saturday and Sunday. Paul Di Resta didn't manage a lot of running due to fuel pressure problems. Bit of a shame really, I think he needs more time in the car to be able to show any potential.

The DRS (Drag Reduction Sytem) activation line this time is quite a way down the straight, which should make for an interesting race. The straight is an enormous one, and the cars will still have 0.56 miles to use the system. The thinking is that using the rear wing flap for the whole straight will make overtaking far too easy, so hopefully this should be about right for getting the cars alongside each other.

Prediction time! And its easy to take the same route as last time, so I will (sort of):

Vettel to win, Hamilton second, Webber to get it together and make third.

What do you think?

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