Monday, 30 May 2011

Frustrated Hamilton Apologises

Lewis Hamilton has gone back to the FIA stewards at Monaco and to explain and apologise for his comments in live interview with BBC TV.

The Frustrated driver was being asked how his race went when he commented that he is the only driver being called in to the stewards after almost every race. He wondered if he was being victimised and when asked why he thought that was he replied, "I don't know, maybe its because of I'm black. That's what Ali G says."

Lewis was clearly fed-up with the way the race turned out for him but, apart from his poor qualifying, there is nowhere to place the blame but on himself. He claimed that Massa and Maldonaldo turned in on him deliberately as he tried to pass, but it was obvious from the TV coverage that he was nowhere near alongside at the point of contact. It was clear that Hamilton was trying far too hard to get a result from a race where he felt he had a chance of victory, and instead cost himself a good result.

Hamilton's post-race outburst could be the thing that costs him more though. His comments, although spoken in a humorous way, won't be taken that way by a lot of people and will surely turn some people against him. There is also the chance of a fine from the FIA for bringing the sport into disrepute.

Personally, I still think he is a great driver who really needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut. Its great to hear someone speak their mind, but on live TV, not a good plan. Its a shame that he is likely to be attacked by the press over what was essentially an off-the-cuff, poor taste joke, but again there is only one person to blame. His best plan now is to get a public apology out, keep quiet and deliver the best race of his life at Canada.

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  1. I am a great fan of Hamilton only for his aggressiveness. Keep going…