Monday, 15 October 2007

Jason Plato Loses BTCC Title

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Well thats how I saw it anyway. Giovanardi hung on a couple of places in front of Plato the whole way through the third race of the day to take the BTCC title by 3 points.

After Jason's adventures this week filming for the poor man's Top Gear, Fifth Gear, it seems like a pretty poor payback for one of his better years racing. An awful lot of effort essentially gone for want of a better start. I reckon if he had got away with Fabrizio he would have been making life a lot tricker for the Italian.

Nice to see he didn't give up without a fight though, and surprising to see Matt Neal chip in on his future employers side. I was expecting a fight if Plato and Neal got involved with each other but I wasn't expecting Neal to so obviously help out a team he isn't a part of. Team tactics don't bother me in motor racing. I think its as much part of the sport as the occasional bash is in BTCC. But normally you are meant to be in the team before you start playing team tactics! It could just be that its Matt Neal though. He is one of those people who (for some reason or another) annoys me slightly just by being around. Maybe its his extreme height or the fact that he is so ready to blame someone else for ramming him and not so quick to own up when he rams someone else.

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