Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Next stop Interlagos.

The last race of the year, the end of one of the most controversial F1 seasons in years, is almost upon us. Interlagos, Brazil, will be the scene of the title decider.

Lewis Hamilton must finish no more than two places behind Fernando Alonso in order to secure the title. And here's hoping that nobody at McLaren does anything stupid in order to screw it up for him. Lets face it they had a pretty good try last time and there have been a few other occasions this year where its not been entirely clear whether the team want him to win or not.

Fernando of course, is worried. Here he is, double world champion, being beaten by the new boy. He's done his level best to get ahead of Lewis all year, even resorting to sitting in front of him in the pits for a while at one stage, but to no avail. Now I'm not saying its at Fernando's suggestion, (who would say such a thing! ;-) ) but it seems odd that the FIA has decided that now is a good time to appoint a special scrutineer to ensure fair play at McLaren.

So when they were investigating McLaren for potential cheating by holding Lewis Hamilton up in the pits wasn't a good time, but now that Fernando has the chance to win the championship it is a good time to investigate fair play? I don't understand it at all! The whole thing seems a bit odd to me. Lets just hope that it all gets decided on the track, where it matters, and not in some race officials office.

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